Camping and Festival Essentials- Guest Post!

Hello everyone!

Today me and Emma are finally doing something which we have been meaning to do for ages, which is to write guest posts on each other’s blogs! This is super duperly exciting, and I am so grateful to have become good bloggy friends with her recently ❤️ She has a very lovely blog and is one of the nicest people ever, so without further ado I will pass you over to her!


Hey Everyone,I’m Emma and I normally blog over on BeautyBooksBubsandMe (or BeautyBooksBubsandMe – The Scribblings!) The lovely Grace has kindly let me take over her blog for today so I can tell you all about my camping or festival essentials. Both Grace and I are attending a Christian festival called Newday in a few weeks which is hosted just outside of Norwich in Norfolk. It’s aimed towards teenagers and, whether or not you’re a Christian, it’s fantastic fun! This year it’s super exciting as Grace and I have decided to meet up and chat in the flesh which I really can’t wait for so if you’re going to Newday too please do let us know so we can all meet up! Both of us would love to chat to you about Newday or answer any questions you have about our faith so do feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at

At Newday we stay in tents for a week which can be somewhat challenging if you’re as beauty and cleanliness obsessed as I am! I love passing on advice and making your lives just a little bit easier so here are my camping and festival essentials to help you get through a camping trip or a stay at a festival.

  My number 1 essential for any trip is baby wipes as they’re just so versatile! You can use them to clean yourself between showers (nasty but unfortunately true), remove makeup or clean mud off shoes. I’m never without my baby wipes and, if you take just one thing away from this post, please let it be to take baby wipes with you!
  Although the Great British Summer often showers us with rain (no pun intended) I think it’s really important to have a pair of sunglasses. It’s really easy to damage your eyes from the sun and, when you’re camping, you’ll be outside a lot more than usual! This pair is from Boots (as I have really sensitive eyes) but you can pick up sunglasses from pretty much anywhere; Primark even does some for £1 which might be a good investment so it doesn’t matter if they get broken.
  I’m the worst when it comes to washing my hair when I’m camping, especially if the showers are less than clean. It’s times like these when dry shampoo will become your new best friend! With a quick spray and brush through, your hair looks glossy and clean again and smells lovely too. This can is the large one from Batiste but you can also buy it in a more travel-friendly 50ml size. I really couldn’t be without dry shampoo whenever I’m camping; last year in our tent we had 3 massive bottles of the stuff between 6 of us!
  For those makeup-loving girls (or guys, who am I to judge?) I’d recommend keeping makeup as natural as possible when camping or at a festival. Especially in the summer, makeup has a tendency to slide south and this really isn’t helped by layers of thick foundation. Instead, I’d recommend a little concealer and then a powder like my favourite which is the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. It stops anything moving on my face and lasts all day and so is perfect for hot camping days!

  Whenever I’m showing less than normal I like to make sure I have a nice perfume to wear to be on the safe side. My current favourite is the Zoella Beauty Let’s Spritz Body Spray. It has a lovely fresh summer scent without being too overpowering and, as it’s only a smallish bottle, it should be perfectly safe in your bag. If you’re worried about it breaking and making your tent smell like a brothel I’d recommend wrapping it in several pairs of socks or sticking it down a wellie!

  My last essential is a small bag to carry everything in! I bought this one a few years back (I can’t remember where from) but it’s the perfect size to carry a bottle of water, some gum and other handbag essentials.

So that’s all of my camping or festival essentials! If you enjoyed this post why not check out Grace’s post on my blog or tell us down below what your essentials are? Thanks again to Grace for letting me guest post, I’ve had loads of fun and can’t wait to meet you!

Lots of Bloggy Love,

Emma xx


I hope you enjoyed Emma’s lovely post as much as I did, she’s given me lots of inspiration for things to take with me camping this year! You can see my post on her blog here.It would be really lovely if you could have a little nose around on her blog too and show her some bloggy love (as she always says, which I think is a delightful little phrase!).

Thank you Emma for writing such a great post for me and for being so nice, I can’t wait to meet you!

Lots of love,

Graciellen xx


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