Why I Love Blogging ❤️

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Hello lovelies!

Hopefully this post will be something you can relate to if you write your own blog, or inspire you to if you don’t. Although I often feel like I have very little time in my sadly busy life for blogging, I do truly love it when I get the chance, so today I thought I’d share with you why 😚

My blog is like my little happy place. On it I feel like I can relax, be myself, and fill this little space up with exactly what I want. I don’t have to try and be anyone or anything, I can just be myself, and yet feel so loved and surrounded by my lovely followers and blog friends.

I can come to my blog after a tiring day at school, early in the morning with bleary eyes and messy hair, or in the middle of the night when a random piece of inspiration strikes.

I can come in my onesie and slippers, with no makeup on and my hair tied up in some crazy messy bun, pull up a comfy chair and make a hot chocolate covered in squinty cream and marshmallows, and feel happy and content and loved.

My blog is like my virtual home, a little online space where I can make myself comfy and chat away without worrying about what people might think of what I’m saying.

Every time I receive comments or likes on posts, it fills me up with joy, making me feel much stronger to face the world.

Blogging has shown me how to be more confident, by giving me a place to share my thoughts and feelings and having nice feedback on them! In the last ten months (since starting my blog!) I feel like I’ve become so much more confident at school, and less worried about what other people think of me.

Through my blog I have made so many lovely blogging friends, who I sometimes feel understand me better than some of my real friends, as crazy as that is! Before I started blogging I felt like the whole internet was some scary thing trying to get me, and although of course there are some people who use the Internet in bad ways, I now know that there are also millions of lovely kind people, who genuinely like reading my blog and aren’t about to use it against me (if you are going to, please leave this instant. Thank you very much).

Blogging has also given me a way to channel my love for writing, (which I have had from a very young age!) in a way other than writing essays at school, or struggling to come up with plot ideas for stories of my own. It’s also taught me how to connect with people through my writing I guess, and write for an audience, rather than just myself.

To conclude, (sound rather fancy there) there are lots and lots of reasons I love blogging, but hopefully I’ve kind of summed them all up there!

Over To You…

Do you relate to any of these ideas? Why do you love blogging? Anything I’ve forgotten? Or if you don’t write a blog, has this inspired you to start one? It would be so lovely if you left your thoughts in the comments, along with anything else you would like to add!

Lots of love,

Graciellen xx


22 thoughts on “Why I Love Blogging ❤️

  1. Oh my gosh your screensaver is way too autumnal and gorgeous. 😍 but I loved this post – you pretty much summed up my feelings completely. There’s just something really special about having my own corner of the Internet, to do whatever I want with. Lots of love xxxx

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    1. 100% agree with you there! Your little corner of the Internet is very lovely, your posts always make me super happy 😚 And aww haha ikr, literally just made my lockscreen for this blog post! 😂 sending lots of love right back xxxx

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  2. Super post! Totally agree with the confidence thing and it helps if you find it harder to be social in real life, because as you say, nobody can see you in your onesie, so can’t judge you in that way. I’ve just found to to be overall, super positive in the blogging community – it’s such a refreshing change to everyone moaning!

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  3. Hi I really want to have a blog and I love this post! xx It was a good timing to write this as I am really wanting to have my own blog for various reasons.
    Hopefully (fingers crossed my parents will allow me to!!) within the next two weeks I will have started a blog. I just hope that I can show my parents that I really think a blog will help me in so many different ways.
    I want to be a more confident, less self-conscious person and having a blog I think will REALLY help.
    This was a well thought through blog, it’s awesome!! xx

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    1. Hiya lovely! Awh I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! I really do think that blogging has helped me to become a lot more confident and better at writing, and is also a lot of fun 🙂 I am really looking forward to reading your blog when you (hopefully!) start one, I’m sure it will amazing (although, seriously, no pressure, some of my first posts are really awful (but I’m sure yours won’t be!!)) lots of love xx


      1. Thank you for your lovely comment!
        I’m glad you are looking forward to reading my blog when ( or if ) I have one 😊 I will try hard to make my posts good but I don’t think they will be very good at first haha 🙂

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  4. You come across lovelier and lovelier every day I’ve got to be honest. I totally feel you. I love the way I don’t even think about what other people may think of me when I’m blogging, and yet people like you leave such nice comments and show so much support. It just shows you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.
    Btw, did you take the pictures on your screensaver? They’re absolutely stunning. So autumnallllll xxx

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    1. Hiya lovely!
      Oh my gosh, thank you ever so much! Sweetest comment ever 💗 me too, it’s so lovely to have somewhere where you feel you can really be yourself, and yet have kind people say kind things about what you write! Awh haha I took some of them but I got a few from google sadly to fill it up. I know right though, I think they look gorgeous haha! Thank you so much for commenting and always being so lovely, I’m beyond exited that you are back to blogging! xx

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  5. A great post. Blogging for me has given me more confidence in myself. It also is therapeutic for my mental health. The third thing is, when I write about my own running and fitness journey on my blog, it keeps me accountable to keep going and not slack off! 🙂

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