Things I’m Looking Forward To About Autumn

Hello lovelies!

I’m pretty sure that by now we have officially had the start of Autumn, which is unbelievably *excited squeal* exciting!

I would say that autumn is my favourite season, but in all honesty I love all the seasons, so I’ll just tell you that I FLIPPIN’ LOVE AUTUMN! To celebrate this I thought I would write a lovely, cosy, autumny kind of post, and I thought how better to do that than a list of all the things I’m looking forward to about Autumn? Sooooo without further ado I present to you:

Things I’m Looking Forward To About Autumn:

1. AUTUMN LEAVES: Lets be honest, Autumn’s got to be the prettiest month (no offence to the other seasons, I’m deeply sorry and sincerely hope you aren’t too upset) *takes a moment to feel sorry for the other seasons* because the colours are so beautiful. My favourite colour is yellow *fun facts with Grace* *where was I going with this…ahh yes I remember* and in Autumn its so nice to have all the pretty golds and yellows and oranges and reds and browns, aaaaand they sound nice when you step on them…and like scuffing the leaves with your wellies oh my that is a beautiful thing haha.

2.HOT CHOCOLATES:Okay so I still probably drink hot chocolate during the rest of the year as much as I do in Autumn, but drinking hot chocolate with loads of cream and marshmallows in autumn just feels so right, you know?

3. RAINY DAYS: Also known as my favourite kind of days, when you’re staying inside at least haha! And that sound when the rain is pitter pattering on your window and you can curl up inside with blankets and books and films and hot chocolates…*goes into dream world for a few minutes*

4. BLANKETS AND HOODIES AND BIG JUMPERS AND COATS: The one thing I hate about summer is that it’s too hot to get all cuddled up in oversized warm clothes when you can’t be bothered to wear proper clothes haha! Autumn is like the perfect time of year for wearing cosy warm things ☺️ And coats! I love coats!! *cough* weirdo *cough* Haha but seriously coats are bae…I have two very lovely coats that I got from Fatface last year *I’m posh I know* and I loveeeee wearing them.

5. FIRES:*creepy psycho face* Haha sorry if I scared you there! I’m not going to go and set fire to anything don’t worry! *nervous laughter* But no seriously I have a wood burning stove at home and I could literally sit by it forever because I love that warm toastiness *imagining myself popping out of a toaster* that you get from fires. *still sound like a weird fire enthusiast* But anyways, I love fires…*lets move on quickly*

6. BONFIRE NIGHT: ooh completely forgot about bonfire night for that last 10 months! Bonfire night is amazing! I mean, wrapping up in loads of warm clothes and hats and scarves and gloves and going and watching pretty explosions in the sky *aka fireworks* with sparklers and hot dogs and a bonfire…lovely.

7. PENTATONIX’S NEW ALBUM: which comes out on the 16th October woooooo and I am seriously unbelievably excited! Pentatonix are one of my favourite singers/bands/groups/artists in the world and they are so incredibly talented and this album is extra special because they have some of their own songs that they have written too! And also their albums cover is just……goals…….and their merchandise……if anyone feels like buying me one of their new jumpers please feel free to send your generous gift to *just kidding guys I’m not gonna give out my address but I do desperately want one of their jumpers*

8. MY SCHOOL SPONSERED WALK: now every year my school does a sponsored walk to raise money for charity and I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it. We get to dress up (and this year the theme is Disney!!) which is lots of fun and you basically get a day off to chat and walk and eat sweets, but we have to walk 15K and idk about you but for me that’s quite a long way *I’m so unfit I know* Anyways we are doing that this Friday totally haven’t got my costume sorted yet *worried face* although today I had the genius idea to go as Mickey Mouse as one of my best friends is going as Minnie Mouse and you know I wanna look cute whilst sweating disgustingly. What do you think? Any other costume ideas?

9. GIRL ONLINE: ON TOUR: *my laptop is saying online is not a word…um seriously..?!* Oh my oh my oh my I am over the moonly excited for this!!! I read the original Girl Online last year when it came out and I loved it SO MUCH. I love watching Zoe’s videos and such and I think she is a really amazing person, but I wasn’t super certain of how good this book would be (I sound really horrible…no offence Zoe or any Zoella fans I really love her promise!) because..well I don’t really know why! But I didn’t have HUGE expectations for it, if that makes any sense? Anyways, as soon as I started reading I couldn’t put it down and I fell in love with the story and all the characters so so much! So to hear that a sequel is coming out is crazily exciting!

10. GETTING DARK EARLIER AND CLOCKS GOING BACK: or is it forward? *googles when clocks go back* woo I got it right the first time haha! Anyways, is it just me or does anyone else love it when you get home from school and its dark and it feels so cosy and fairylightssss :)))

So there was my list of things I’m looking forward to about Autumn! I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Over to you:

Do you love Autumn too? When is your favourite time of year? Do you also love any of my list of things? Any ideas for disney themed costumes? It would be lovely if you could comment below along with anything else you would like to add! Also agessss ago I said about doing a Q and A but still haven’t got round to it, so I’m thinking about doing an Autumn one instead with the questions I’ve already been asked as well as any new ones! Please comment if you have anything you’d like to ask me about myself, blogging, Autumn, or anything really!

Lots of love,

Graciellen xx


17 thoughts on “Things I’m Looking Forward To About Autumn

    1. Yay! I wasn’t sure if anyone else liked them haha! They are sooooo incredibly good, and yes me too! I’m actually listening to it right now, and have been listening to it on repeat for the last week! Awh thank you so much! That’s so sweet of you xx

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  1. I love Autumn! I love the leaves, the fact that I can wear my leather jackets and sweaters, and the coziness of fire (in a fireplace, or stove, not from something burning down :P). But, I don’t like the rain. I just don’t like getting wet 😦

    My favorite season is Winter! Probably because I was born in December, and it is pretty much the same as Autumn, but we get snow instead of rain. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah Autumn is such a lovely season! Awh hehe, I love the rain when you’re all warm and cosy inside, but I agree, I don’t like getting cold and wet either!

      Snap, my birthday’s in December too! And winter is gorgeous, especially when it snows! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love all these things about autumn too! Where I live we never really have an “autumn” for very long but I look forward to cozy clothes and warmer tints. Also candles even though I can’t burn them in my dorm. Rainy days are a for sure must for autumn. It’s a very good excuse to be lazy!

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  3. Firstly, sorry I put my name as anonymous. I just don’t want to put my name on the internet haha.
    What I really wanted to say is, I agree I say – I love Autumn! And then I am like – I love Spring! I love all the SEASONS for different REASONS!!! LOL I didn’t plan on making it rhyme! I am also sooooo excited for Girl Online On Tour! I just loved Girl Online and I could not stop reading it! ( And as you said…computers don’t understand the word ‘online’???!!! )
    Oh, and I love your blog! You are so inspiring! I will let you know when I own my own blog xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hiya lovely friend!
      Aww your comment is super sweet, you just made my day 🙂 me too, every season I say that’s my favourite season, so it is always changing haha! And ooh love your little rhyme there haha! AHHH I’m so excited for the new girl online, it comes out so soon! I’m looking forward to reading your blog when you have your own, I’m sure it will be lovely xx


      1. Aw, lovely comment xx
        Yes, Girl Online On Tour is coming out so soon!!
        Thanks I will try to make my blog as good as possible 🙂
        Goodnight xx

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