Post a Quote Challenge Tag

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to be starting the Post a Quote Challenge Tag, as I got nominated by the lovely BeautyBooksBubsandMe! She is one of my best blogging friends and is so so nice, go and have a look at her blog! 

I am super happy to have been nominated for is as I love cute and inspirational quotes and song lyrics and things like that! The idea with this tag is to post a quote on your blog along with a little bit about why you like it for three days in a row, and nominate one person per day to do the same💞

So my quote for today is this!

I love this quote and I find it super inspirational to try to be more kind and lovely to everyone. If I could manage to do this in my life and make people happy every time I talked to them that would be incredible! I have this quote (along with a lot of others!) stuck up in my bedroom to remind me to try to do this every day, and although it is really hard, just making one person leave happier after coming to you is amazing! I also really love this edit with the pink hearts at the top and bottom, how cute right? 💕

Now time for my nomination! Today I’m going to nominate… *drumroll please* 


She has a lovely blog and her posts always make me happy ☺️ 

I hope you enjoyed this post and the quote, I’ll be back again tomorrow with another quote (and I’m thinking about maybe starting off my summery posts later today too!) 

Lots of love,

Graciellen xx


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