Advice? ❤️

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well ❤️ Today is just going to be a little short post but I was looking for some advice from you lovely people and would love it so so much if you could help!

So basically at the moment I am looking to start some kind of club or lessons or sport or any kind of extracurricular activity and I was wondering if you had any suggestions! I would be super open to any of your ideas, so if there is anything you do and enjoy, or used to do or something your friend does or anything like that I would love to know!

Please comment your suggestions down below 😊 Any of your ideas will be so so helpful to me so please please please do comment!

Lots of love,

Graciellen xxx


17 thoughts on “Advice? ❤️

  1. It depends how agile and fit you already are. Climbing is always fun as a less traditional sport, but you may be looking for something which involved running (rugby, football, netball) or movement (tennis, squash, badminton). Sports which are simple and easy to pick up are running, gym, and climbing off the top of my head.
    Hope this was helpful. Best, Matt

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  2. From someone who is totally non-sporty, I’ve always enjoyed playing musical instruments. I play clarinet properly (and used to play violin too) but obviously they tend to require ‘proper’ lessons and can be expensive. Instruments like guitar and piano/keyboard are reasonably easy to teach yourself. Ukulele is also really fun to play any you can pick them up really cheap. For non music options I’d have a look around school and see if there’s anything going on. Also running is really easy to do (unless you’re me then you look like an idiot) but climbing is also great! xx

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    1. Thank you so much! That’s really helpful! I actually play clarinet too haha!! Woo clarinet buddies 🎉💕I also look really silly running haha! I think starting another instrument is a really good idea, I didn’t even really think about it much! Thank you 💕xxx

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  3. Why don’t you try yoga? There are some very cheap classes (like £3 per class which is an hour) or many apps that talk you through routines and moves. It may seem a little weird but it is actually quite fun, especially if you do with a friend. Or you could try joining a local park run- running is actually pretty fun once you build up stamina (I am still pretty bad at running so I usually end up wheezing/dying on the ground afterwards haha) Alternatively, try something like cookery or drama. If you feel embarrassed joining something for the first time, drag a friend along so you won’t be alone. Hope that helped 🙂 xx


  4. It totally depends where your skills and passions are, but there are so many different things! As a musical gal, I play the clarinet and sing in several groups, so maybe joining an instrumental group might be fun, as it also helps you to meet new people with common interests. On the more sporty side of things, running is easily done, but kind of more a chore than a hobby, I feel, so why not try a fun exercise class like Zumba, pilates or yoga? There are also plenty of more unusual sports aside from the usual (football, rugby, swimming, tennis) like ice skating, kayaking, fencing or badminton. Dance or drama are also possibilities. Why not take a look at a local notice board, like outside a community hall or in a news agent window, because they often have adverts for groups and clubs etc. Hope this helps! xxxxxxx

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    1. Thank you so much! That’s given me so many different ideas! 💕 I also play the clarinet and sing in our school choir hehe, but doing some more musical stuff would be great! Also starting some kind of sport, dance or drama would be loads of fun 😊 thank you!!! Xxx

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  5. Hi Gracieellen, I totally encourage you to do extracurricular activities such as volunteering. Our community can benefit from that and it is a good way to discover your interests and passions. Also, doing sports is very helpful such as swimming, playing football or whatever you are interested in:)

    Good luck on everything!


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