May Follower of the Month!

Hello my lovelies!

Gosh it’s been so long! Seriously?! I’m so sorry for not posting in ages, I’ve been really busy recently but in the last few weeks I’ve been nominated for the Leibster award again twice, the Creative blogger award once and the Versatile blogger award twice! How crazy is that? I’ve been trying ever since to write posts for them all but it’s getting awfully confusing and I don’t know how to organise it all :O Hopefully I will be posting those soon and giving the people who nominated me their deserved thanks and mention! Also in the meantime I have reached 86 followers which is amazing and I am so thankful to you all for that ❤️❤️❤️ When I first started this blog I had no idea it would go ANYWHERE, not even that one person would read it, so to have gained so many lovely people who want to read what I write is amazing 🙂
Anyway, more importantly, today is the first of May, which means that it is time for my follower of the month (hurray!)
So without further ado, the Follower of the Month for May is…..
*drumroll please*
(I hope you like this little collage thing Grace, I made it specially for you!!)
She has a really amazing blog which has inspired and helped me so much, and I am sure you will all love it too! Also, recently Grace has set up another blog for her stunning photos called GracieStudios and both of these websites are great 🙂 For the last few months me and Grace have been chatting lots over email and she is such a lovely person, in fact I would actually count her as one of my best friends even though we have never actually met! ❤️
I hope you are all happy and well, here are lots of my love and hugs (xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo)
Remember I’m always here for you to chat if you want to at ❤️
Lots of love,
Graciellen xxx

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