My everyday makeup routine!

Hello everyone!
I hope you are all happy and well! I realised recently that I haven’t really done any beauty posts, which is something that I was hoping to do with is blog! As this is my first time writing a post like this it won’t be perfect, but I’d really appreciate it if you could give me some feedback about what you thought or how I could improve it in the comments!
So this is my everyday makeup routine! I don’t think I really wear that much makeup, but I really enjoy wearing and experimenting with it!
For the last few months I have used this BB cream everyday, but now as its getting more towards summer in the UK, my skin is tanning more and I don’t like to wear so much makeup on my skin! It is a really good product though, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good cover up but not quite a foundation! It always looks really natural on me and is generally a really good product!
As it has got warmer and I’ve got a little more tanned, I prefer to use this powder instead on my face! I really like it!! ☺️ in the winter I usually use a little over the BB cream, but at the moment I’m using this first of all! It was £4 in Superdrug, which I think is quite a good price for how good it is!
Next I curl my eyelashes with these eyelash curlers. I have those irritating short uncurly weird lashes, so curling them helps so much! My curlers were only £1 from Tiger but they work really well, even if they’re not the best quality 😉
After curling my eyelashes for 30 seconds on each eye, I use this mascara. I have tried about four different mascaras and I think this one is my favourite! It was only £1.99 in Superdrug and it has lasted for ages! It doesn’t usually clump or crumble or anything, and really lengthens and volumises (get me and my fancy vocabulary) my lashes!
Occasionally, if I’m going out for a special occasion or just want to emphasise my eyes a little more I use this eyeliner. I really like using a felt tip pen style rather than a pencil or one of those dippy in liquid ones, as I find this is the easiest to apply and looks the best! I originally bought this eyeliner for my school dance show, but I have used it a few times since because I really like it! It was only £3.49 from Superdrug and is really worth the money in my opinion ☺️
Sometimes I use one of these eyeshadows but I’m not really much of an eyeshadow person to be honest! This pallet is a really good neutral one though, and I often use a little of the second one on my lids and the fourth one in my crease. The first colour is a really nice white which is good for using under your eyebrow as well! For a special occasion or a more dramatic look I usually use the third one which is a really pretty sparkly gold and the last one which is a dark brown slightly shimmery one in the crease! This pallet is only £4 from H&M and is a great choice if like me you prefer a more natural look.
Finally I use this lip balm everyday, I’ve had it for a few years and I really like the way it has a slight pink tint as well as nourishing your lips! Sometimes I use a little lipstick but I’m not very confident about wearing strong shades! For my school dance show however we had to wear bright red lipstick and I actually really liked the way it looked, although I don’t know if I’m confident enough to wear it out! What are your thoughts on stronger lipstick shades or your favourite colours to wear? Tell me in the comments 💕
So there is my everyday makeup routine! To be honest I only use a little powder, the eyelash curlers, mascara and lip balm on most days but I really like using the others too ☺️
Thank you so much for reading my first beauty inspired post, I hope you liked it! I’d love it if you could tell me in the comments what you thought of this post, how I could improve it or what your favourite makeup products are! 😊
Remember that you are just as beautiful without makeup as you are with it ❤️
Lots of love,
Graciellen xx

26 thoughts on “My everyday makeup routine!

  1. I think that anyone can pull off strong lip colours but you need to see if orange toned shades or berry toned shades work for you best first 🙂 I personally like dark berry reds and plum colours ahaha, I have been considering a bb cream for a while so I might try it out, also to improve these kinds of posts, you could take individual pictures of each product 😀

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    1. Cool haha! I’m thinking about trying out some different shades and seeing how they look with my skin hehe! Yeah BB creams are really good! I did actually include a picture of each product in my post but I have just noticed that for some reason they didn’t post! I’m really sorry, I will be updating the post with the pictures in soon 🙂 xx

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  2. Great post, I’m the same with the whole lipstick thing so as not to draw too much attention to myself but also look like I didn’t just wake up I usually just put on some nice neutral lipgloss, I hope to see more blogs like this 😊 -Everythingrachel1 xx

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  3. I love red lipstick! I think it suits just about anyone and looks great when it’s applied well. Some constructive feedback – maybe you could add photos like littlecorneroftheinterweb (wow that’s a long name!) suggested, or add the names of the products. Also, I’m not trying to be nitpicky, but maybe use less exclamation marks? I always seem to overuse them, but it also gets a bit annoying after a while if almost every sentence ends with one.
    Laurel ❤

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    1. Yeah that’s true! I really like wearing it but am often too scared to wear it out 🙂 thank you so much for your constructive criticism, I did actually include a picture of each product in my post but I have just noticed that for some reason they didn’t post! I’m really sorry, I will be updating the post with the pictures in soon 🙂 I totally agree with the exclamation marks, I find it hard to find their right amount between sounding unfriendly and just being annoying! Thank you so much for your feedback xx

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  4. I love this kind of post, it’ll be lovely to see these on your blog! A tip from me would definitely be to tell us the names of the products and a picture, so that we know what the product is that you’re talking about, otherwise we don’t know! xxxx

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    1. Thank you so much, that’s really kind of you! I did actually include a picture of each product in my post but I have just noticed that for some reason they didn’t post! I’m really sorry, I will be updating the post with the pictures in soon 🙂 it must have seemed like a weird post writing about mystery products, I’m really sorry haha! 😘☺️xx


  5. Love this blog post! And is that the zoella guinea pig makeup bag thingy? If it is, I have the same…I got it from my friend for my bday!!


  6. Oh and I personally am not so keen on strong lip colours but it is mostly the dark colours that I don’t like. Just my opinian 🙂 xx


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