National siblings day- siblings tag with my sister!


Hello everyone!

As today is National Siblings Day I thought I would do a post for you with my lovely sister! I hope you enjoy it, please tell me in the comments if you enjoyed reading it or anything about your siblings! Also if you want to do your own siblings tag please let me know in the comments on this post so I can have a look!
How old are you both?
I’m 14 and Lily is 12!
Any nicknames?
Lily calls me ‘Graciemellonbottom’ and ‘Gra’ (pronounced grey if you were wondering!) and I call her ‘Lilzo’ and ‘Swagster’ πŸ˜‚
Funniest memory?
We have a lot…we once made a stop go animation with playmobil of a girl going to the toilet and we found it pretty hilarious at the time haha!!
Most memorable argument?
We don’t argue that often but…yesterday we fell out over emptying the dishwasher hehe!
Most cherished memory?
Making up synchronised swimming dance routines in the sea in Cornwall last year ☺️
In jokes that no one else understands?
‘Yo Lil…’
‘Yo Gra…’
‘Go fish in der ponddd’
*followed by hysteric laughter*
Last thing we talked about?
That joke ^^^
Are we close?
Yes, most of the time were very close ❀️
What annoys us the most about each other?
Me: Lily can be really crazy and weird in public…
Lily: Grace always sings in public…
Last text you sent each other?
Lily: I am coming I just need the toilet
Grace: okay hurry up xx
Lily: coming
And before that…(cause I just wanted to put this in!)
Grace: All the sixth formers are staring at you like you’re weird πŸ˜‚
Grace: that Polly/Holly/Golly or whatnot girl gets on my nerves!!
Lily: sorry yeah
What do you have in common?
We look really similar, loads of people think we are twins! We also both love chocolate and reading πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
How are you different?
Lily is much more hands on and practical, she likes destroying the garden and putting up IKEA flat packs and things like that, where as I’m more creative, I like writing, drawing and baking!
Who takes longer getting ready?
Grace. Definitely.
One thing each of you can do that the other can’t?
Lily can play flute, guitar and piano (she’s the musical one!) where as I can’t do any of those! However Lily says I’m amazing at baking and fashion designing (aw thanks Lil!) but admits those aren’t her strong points hehe!!
Describe each other in five words
I think Lily is…funny, kind, loving, beautiful, crazy
Lily thinks I am…just amazingly totally the best (nawwww!☺️)
I hope you enjoyed reading this post, we had loads of fun answering the questions and writing a post together which we haven’t done before! Remember to tell me in the comments if you enjoyed this or about your sibling tag!
Lots of love,
Graciellen xx
Also here’s a little message from Lily!
Hi guys
Now I want to see if you love me more than Grace so I thought why not see how many peeps will put in the comments “hey Lily!” Because u know I’m swaggy and who doesn’t want to say hi to me?

4 thoughts on “National siblings day- siblings tag with my sister!

  1. Yo Lily! Me thinks you both are special just the way you are! I have a little sister, her name is Kate and she is 7 gonna be 8. We have a good strong bond, but sometimes πŸ˜› we fight. It’s really cool that we both have things in common and yet we are completely opposite, I am clean she isn’t, I am totally a tomboy and she sometimes is… πŸ˜€ Haha! we just had a fight over me putting a rice krispie (Breakfast food) in her bowl and she just screams πŸ˜› I like teasing her a lot LOL!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D !!!!!!!!
    Grace πŸ™‚

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