Hello everyone!
This week my parents booked my sister and I into Newday!!! I am so so excited, so I thought I would tell you a bit about it!
Newday is a huge Christian youth camping event that takes place every summer over about six days. It is aimed at 12-19 year olds, and is always an amazing week full of lots of fun and encounters with God. Last year over 7,000 teenagers came to Newday! I have been to Newday two years in a row and this will be my third! It is honestly the best week of my year 😊
Newday is held at the Norfolk Show Ground in Norfolk, England! People come from all around the world and it’s such a great experience! I will be staying with my church youth group on our little patch of the field, where we have a marquee for eating and playing games in, and lots of tents. Last year I stayed in a huge tent with lots of the girls from my youth group and it was so much fun 😊
A typical day at Newday:
Every day at Newday is different and always amazing! Here is a typical day for you, so you can get the feel of it!
In the morning everyone wakes up kind of earlyish and gets ready, before eating breakfast with their youth group in their marquee! After that you have a bit more time to get ready, brush your teeth and things like that 😊 at around 9 o’clock everyone heads down to ‘The Concourse’ for the morning meeting, which is like a street of cow sheds which have been transformed into cafes, shops and meeting areas! I will tell you more about those later 😊
In the morning there is a 12-14s meeting and an 15-19s meeting. I go to the 12-14s one so I will tell you a bit about that, but apparently the 15-19s meeting is great too! The morning meetings are always tons of fun 😊there are usually lots of crazy activities every morning, like games, competitions and watching the speakers and leaders race in zorb balls or sumo suits! There is also some fantastic worship and a great talk each morning 😊
After the morning meeting there is a choice of several seminars which you can go to! They are always covering really helpful and interesting topics.
After this it is lunch time and everyone heads back to their marquees for lunch with their youth group! Then we all have the afternoon as free time, I usually like go to the Concourse area with my friends hehe! On this sort of street there are lots of yummy cafés, some with live music, milkshakes made of any chocolate bar you like, or a retro theme! There is also a girls area and a boys area, the girls one has hair straighteners, blow driers, sweets, drinks, a nail salon and other girly things! In the boys zone there is a nerf gun arena, drinks, sweets, and other things 😂 on one day of the week at Newday your youth group is given a slot to do Outreach! This is an evangelistic event where thousands of teenagers go into Norwhich (a city in Norfolk, which is a county (kind of like a tiny state) in England!) to serve the communities there! The activities include visiting elderly people, doing free car washes, running events for young children, knocking on doors and talking to people about Jesus, painting fences for people, and lots of others events! Although these are often hard work they are soooo much fun, and a great way to show people you care! I have been on an Outreach trip both years and I have really enjoyed both of them!
In the evening you all have dinner back at your marquees with your youth group which is lots of fun, and after that there is the evening meeting! This is one of my favourite parts of the day. The atmosphere is crazily exciting and the Holy Spirit is so there, touching everyone in the big top! There is incredible worship and an amazing talk every evening.
After the evening meeting some people go back to their youth group areas, and others play on the dodgems or which ever fair ground event there is that year, or go to the cafés! At our youth group’s marquee we always have hot chocolate and cake before we go to get ready for bed! Everyone shares tents with their friends and it’s so much fun chatting and having midnight feats (as well as sleeping!). The next day is different but equally exciting and full of God’s presence! 😊
I’m sorry this has been quite a long post, I hope you don’t mind and enjoyed reading about Newday, which is always my favourite week of the year (it’s that good!) Newday is a summer camping event run for teenagers at Newfrontiers churches, which is a big group of churches I suppose!
Please please comment below if you have ever heard of or been to Newday, you enjoyed this post or you might be interested in going! If you are part of or know somebody who is part of a Newfrontiers church (there are an awful lot of them!) and you would like to find out more about Newday, please ask your youth leaders or your friends! The Newday website is
Feel free to ask me any questions you have about Newday as well!
Lots of love,
Graciellen xx
PS. Look out for my Follower of the Month post tomorrow! 😊💕

8 thoughts on “Newday!

  1. Hey Grace! I have missed you A LOT! I was just wondering when newday is? It sounds a lot like the bible camp I go to here in Wisconsin. It would be fun if I could go! maybe I will when I’m older, I don’t think I will be able to this young lol :p. I hope you are having a great Easter weekend. Love YOU!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw Grace this is so sweet! I’ve missed you lots too! How has your holiday been??? 😊❤️😊 Newday is in the summer, the week starting Momday 3rd of August! I know it’s probably difficult for you but I would love you to come so so so much!!! 😍 love you too!

      Grace xx


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