A huge huge thank you and introducing two new things!

Hello everyone!

Today I just want to thank you all so so so so much for following me!! When I originally planned this post it was to celebrate me reaching 50 followers, however now I have 63 which is absolutely amazing! I am so suprised and excited that so many of you enjoy reading what I write and want to join me on my crazy journey in life 🙂 
Thank you all so incredibly much for every comment and like, I literally have a little party in my mind every time I have a WordPress notification! Also every single comment I have had on my blog has been so kind and lovely, you all make me so so happy 😊😊
To show you guys just how much I love you all and am thankful to you, I thought I would introduce two things which I am really excited about, to show you how thankful I am to you and how much I love you! So firstly, let me introduce…*drumroll please*
Follower of the Month

This will basically just be a way for me to show you all how much I love you, and to say thank you for how kind you have been to me 😊☺️😘 
Each month I will chose one (very lucky!) follower who has given me some lovely comments and feedback to be my Follower of the Month! As follower of the month you will be featured in my side bar on my blog with a nice little message about your blog (if you have one!) and why you are my follower of the month 😊 
I will also write a short post on the first day of each month telling everyone how lovely you are 😘
To be chosen for Follower of the Month you must be following me (otherwise you wouldn’t be a follower…duh..😂) and have maybe left at least one comment on my blog! As I thought it was a bit unfair for the first person chosen to only have half a month I will be starting on the 1st of April (and no this isn’t an April fools joke!).
Also, (if you weren’t excited already!) I’m super duper excited to be introducing Graciellen’s Little Blessings! 

This is another way for me to show you all how thankful I am to you and to show you God’s love! As part of my Little Blessings to you guys I will email every one who wants to join in the fun lots of little encouragements! These will be Bible verses, picture edits I have made and lots of other nice little blessings to brighten your day 😊 I will try to email you as often and spontaneously as I can!!
If you would like to participate in Graciellen’s Little Blessings please comment below saying “I’m in!” or something similar and your email address!
I’m so so excited about these two things I am introducing, I hope you are too!
Lots of love,
Graciellen xxx

18 thoughts on “A huge huge thank you and introducing two new things!

  1. i can relate to the whole party every time a notification pops up! i feel as if this blog has become part of my day, if i see something, ill think about the blog you know? im rambling (sorry), but i think follower of the month is a great idea, ill make sure to keep up to date with it:) your blog rocks! lots of love, xx☺️👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe thank you so so much that’s really kind of you 😊I know exactly what you mean hehe, I get that too! Would you like to be emailed with my little blessings? It’s completely fine if not hehe! 😊❤️xx

      Liked by 1 person

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