Cures for a bad mood

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Hello everyone!
We all have those bad days. It can be so easy to just stay grumpy for a long time and feel really rubbish. However, I want to help you, and myself, to get over these! *trumpet sound* Do not fear, graciellen is here, with a list of ten cures for any bad mood! I hope this list helps you and gives you some new inspiration. Even if you are not in a bad mood, all of these are really enjoyable to boost your spirits and make you feel a little bit happier!
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1. Go outside.
Just for a breath of fresh air, or go for a walk or run. This releases endorphins in your body and makes you feel a lot better.
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2. Have a shower or bath!
Feeling clean and fresh will always lift your mood!
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3. Tidy your bedroom
Although this is often the very last thing that you want to do, tidying the area around you can make you feel happier and gives you something to do while you think. At the end you also have a much cleaner bedroom, which can lift your spirits and make you feel proud!
4. Write down the things that are putting you in that bad mood
Sometimes we don’t know why we are feeling rubbish until we think about it. Writing down all the things that have made you upset or worried during that day or week can make you realise what’s at the bottom of your bad mood.
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5. Listen to your favourite music, and dance around in your bedroom to it!
Make sure you choose a really uplifting song, and then have a bit of fun being silly and getting some exercise!
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6. Just be yourself.
Put your comfy clothes on, take off your makeup, and have a bit of space feeling comfortable. This will always help you to feel more content with yourself, and much more relaxed.
7. Get creative!
Enjoy a bit of drawing, doodling, painting, baking, fashion designing, or any other creative thing you love! This will help you to feel lots better.
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8. Make a yummy hot chocolate with plenty of cream and marshmallows!!!
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9. Talk to someone you trust.
Whether that’s your best friend, cousin, Mum, Dad, brother or sister, or anyone else, telling someone you trust about your problems or even just chatting to them can help you feel better.
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10. Pamper yourself.
Light some candles, put on a onesie, drink your hot chocolate and curl up under a blanket watching a film or reading a book. Having a bit of ‘you time’ can make you feel much better and more relaxed.
I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it! I would really really love it if some of you comment to show your support for my new blog, and also tell me which of these are your favourites, if you have any other ideas or if this has helped to lift your bad mood!!!
Thank you so much to my lovely followers and for the likes on my last two posts!
Lots of love,
Graciellen xx

4 thoughts on “Cures for a bad mood

  1. Hey there Gracie, or Ellen maybe,
    A good happy post this one and a budding blog I see too. I noticed that you did a couple of posts in Aug/Sept ’14 and then Jan, long gap I should say πŸ™‚ Good thing though, coz now, you ll have plenty to post I feel πŸ™‚
    Kindly categorize your posts a bit and they ll look simply wow.

    Do check out my blog too at and gimme some feedback πŸ™‚
    Take care

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Kaustav,
      Thank you for your feedback! That’s very kind and helpful πŸ™‚ my earlier posts were actually from my summer holiday and have lots of holiday pictures so are blocked!

      At the start of the new year I felt inspired to start blogging again and have done πŸ™‚

      I have had a look at your blog and really like it! Some of those photos are really beautiful πŸ™‚

      To improve it I would suggest maybe including some photos of yourself in the about section so people can get to know you better, unless you want it to remain annonymous πŸ™‚

      Graciellen πŸ™‚


  2. Hello,

    I really enjoy your blog, and your writing seems to be pretty well done.

    4 Things:
    -Put your subscribe button thing a little higher up some how. You might want to change themes for usability.
    -Create some pages like your About, Contact, or other things you want to make more important.
    -Don’t force yourself to think of things in round numbers! Try “27 tips” or “13 ideas” now and then. They are just as good as 10, 25, and 50! As proven by Buzzfeed :/
    -Bullet point whenever possible so people can read what they want to read. You are already doing this pretty well, just a reminder.

    Get some kind of podcast app and look up Michael Hyatt. Scroll down and find his podcast on how to get more blog followers. Also, you should visit his website at

    To get inspiration to fuel your mind, read often, listen to podcasts, watch TED Talks ( and talk. A lot.

    If you are a talker, brainstorming into a recorder can do wonders.

    Hope it helps!


    P.S. You’re from the UK, right? (it looks like it from my blog stats and your spelling of favorite)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Levi,
      Wow! Thank you! That’s so helpful, I will be sure to use your tips πŸ™‚ I’m glad you enjoy my blog, I’m looking forward to writing more on it!
      Grace x
      PS. Yes I’m from the UK but I’m guessing you’re not…right? We seem to have quite different time zones unless you usually comment at 12am!


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