A little bit about me!

Hello everyone!

Wow! When I wrote my first proper post yesterday I had no idea that any one would read it, so you can imagine my surprise when I found so many likes and some wonderful people who even wanted to follow my blog! I am so so thankful you guys!

Because of this, I thought I should probably give you a few facts about me! I’m going to keep this as an anonymous blog for now, but here are some things you might like to know about me!

1. I absolutely LOVE Christmas and everything Christmassy!

2. I love the film Frozen, so much that I went to a Frozen sing a long for my birthday party in full fancy dress with lots of my friends! However this was sort of ruined when I realised that one of my head teachers was there with his children! (SO SO embarrassing!!!)

3. I love reading! Some of my favourites at the moment are Wonder, Ruby Redfort, anything by Jane Austen and Girl Online! If any of you have any favourites or recommendations I would love to hear them!

4.I have the same middle name as one of my best friends, and we have known each other since birth!

5.I love being outdoors and going on walks or bike rides, although I need to do this more as I’m not very fit!

6.I love going camping in the summer with my family!

7.I love watching films whilst eating chocolate and wearing my onesie! 😉

8.I would call myself a bit of a geek and am quite shy, although very crazy around my best friends and family!

9. I love baking, and spend lots of time making tasty treats with my friends or family! I also love fashion designing, doodling and hot chocolate 🙂

10.I love fairy lights, flowers and all things pretty or girly!

I hope you now know a bit more about me! I would really love it if some of you could comment just to say hello, or tell me something interesting about you!!

Lots of love,
Graciellen xx

PS. If you were wondering, my friend and I did put the little card in someone’s locker today! I can’t wait for them to find it tomorrow, although we have no idea who’s locker we put it in!


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