Be the reason someone smiles today.

IMG_0760 While shopping in town with my family, I found this lovely little sign in a shop. I loved it and its message so much that I bought it to put in my bedroom, so that everyday I would see it and try to make someone happy during that day. I really love helping and encouraging others, and since I bought the sign I have tried everyday to find someone who needs a little cheering up, and to make them feel better.

Sometimes it’s just spotting the person in your form room at lunch time who is sitting by themselves, and simply asking them how their weekend was. Other times it’s sending a sweet little text message telling one of your friends how much you appreciate them, or giving a compliment to someone you don’t talk to very often. After a few days of trying to do this I’ve found that it can really make a difference to that person, as well as making you feel a lot happier too!
At Christmas I had a lovely little book in my stocking full of colourful postcards and stickers, all with nice messages on them, like this one:
Tomorrow one of my best friends and I are planning to write a nice message on the back of one of these and put it in the locker of a random person at school at the end of the day, for them to see the next morning. Hopefully this will bring a smile to their face, and you never know, it could change their whole day. I can’t wait to start bringing a little bit more joy into the world!!
If any of you lovely people reading this decide to try being the reason someone you know (or don’t know, imagine how nice it would be to receive a compliment from a total stranger!) smiles today, I’d love it so so much if you could tell me about it in the comments!
Lots of love,
Graciellen xxx

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